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Monday, March 1, 2010

Review:Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Vampire Academy is a story about love,friendship and power struggle.Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway are best friends.Rose is reckless while Lissa is the more responsible one.But they share a deeper relationship...Lissa is a Moroi princess,a mortal vampire and Rose is her guardian Dhampir,one who carries the responsibility of protecting her against Strigois,the evil and immortal vampires.
Fear had made Lissa and Rose run away from the academy.But they get caught after two years of illicit freedom and are dragged back to the academy.Rose has to continue with the Dhampir education and Lissa has to resume her princess lessons.Rose and Lissa also shares a bond in between them...Rose can feel what Lissa is feeling and she could even occasionally slip into her head.She was shadow-kissed by which she could feel and see everything that Lissa was experiencing.Lissa's uncle Victor Dashkov was the prince and had taken Lissa under his protection after the death of her parents.
The Dragomir prince and princesses had special powers associated with the elements of wind,water,earth and fire.But Lissa had did not specialize in any of these....she was a spirit giver.She could heal the wounded or bring back the dead.But the act of curing made her stressful as well as weak because she was giving away a portion of her own soul while doing this.Whenever she used to feel distressed Lissa used to cut her hands so that her physical pain could take away her mental pain.
Rose on the other hand resumes her Moroi training with the mysterious and brooding
Dimitri.He trains her to make her a tougher guardian and a better protector for Lissa and they start loving each other.
Soon they start facing troubles with the clique girls of the school with rumours being spread about both Rose and Lissa and the situation becomes worse while the girls try to cope but only manages to make their lives worse.Lissa gets kidnapped by her uncle who wants exploit her powers so that she could heal him of his disease. The book finally ends with the revelation of the villains and peace is restored but the love story between Rose and Dimitri remains unfulfilled.
I felt that the book is too predictable and could have been more interesting.

My rating:3/5.

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