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Monday, March 1, 2010

Review:On the bright side,I'm Now the Girlfriend of Sex God! by Louise Rennison

The second book in the Georgia Nicolson series had me totally intrigued from the very beginning,like the previous book in the series.
In this book,Georgia is still brooding over her parents' decision to shift residence to New Zealand(Kiwi-a-gogo-land as she calls it). She tries it all in her power to prevent it but in vain. At the last moment,by a stroke of fate,her 'Vati' is blown off by a steam geyser there and thus her 'Mutti' decides against the shift,considering the place to be unsafe.
Georgia's love life is in a 'poo' usual! SG(Sex God) dumps her for Wet Lindsay! She devises a plan which involves 'maturiosity' and 'glaciosity'(hatched with the help of the theory about boys as given in the book Men are from Mars,Women are from Venus). She thus goes around with Dave The Laugh for a while so that SG would spring back to her like an 'elastic band' out of jealousy!! But in the process,her bait Dave falls in love with she had to dump him before matters aggravated and in the process gained Dave's hatred too!! Atlast there is a reconciliation between Georgia and SG and alls well that ends well!!
This book had me on the floors with Georgia's 'wisdomosity'! It almost killed me with its humor! Georgia's perspective of life is very unique and her opinions about and interpretations of situations are way cooler than any other's. She is hilarious,has an easy knack for disasters..Wit and repartee forms an integral part of Louise Rennison's writing. I laughed like a drain!
Pick up this book(or any in the series for that matter) when you are sad or heartbroken and I am sure you will be feeling better in no time! As they say...'Laughter is the best Medicine'!! I totally recommend this book!

My Rating:4.5/5 :)

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