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Monday, March 15, 2010

Please check out this post

Angela Morrison is the author of two YA novels - Taken By Storm (2009) and Sing Me To Sleep (2010).
Her third novel, Unbroken Connection, the sequel to Taken By Storm, was recently rejected by her publisher, Razorbill, after her editor left to start her own literary development company.

Hear it from Angela herself:
"While I was picking out outfits for my SING ME TO SLEEP launch trip up to London, Ontario, I got a phone call from my lovely editor. Lexa broke the news that she was leaving Razorbill. Yikes. She is starting her own literary development company, called Paper Lanterns, Inc. I'm excited for her. And SING ME TO SLEEP was launching in just a few days. No worries for me, right?

WRONG! Poor UNBROKEN CONNECTION had lost it's best advocate. Monday evening when I got to my hotel room after a long, long day, there was a short and not particularly sweet rejection email from Razorbill's publisher waiting in my inbox. Nice. Three days before SING's launch. That's kind of the way things go in this business. My agent and I are discussing where to go next with it. I've got a lot of fans asking for it and support from you and a host of wonderful bloggers. That helps so much--believe me! I appreciate it all tons."

Those who have read Taken By Storm and want more of Leesie and Michael, do join in and show your support for Angela's Unbroken Connection.
Those who have not read the book, check it out on Amazon, it's a fantastic read.

I don't know how far we can go with this, but your support for this group will hopefully help Angela in some way to get her book out to all her fans and all the millions of readers out there.

Join here to show your love and support-!/group.php?v=wall&ref=nf&gid=367878746466

Please help Angela get her book published. She is an amazing author. Please join in!


  1. Wow!! I've never heard of something like this before. Don't publishing houses have contracts, regardless of if the editor leaves? My heart breaks for this author. I'll check out your links. :)

  2. First I need to tell you that your blog is LOVELY! I've never seen one quite like it.

    And I've never heard of something like this happening. That poor author, what a blow. Thanks for letting me know!