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Friday, July 30, 2010


Brenda Pandos,the author of the absolutely amazing paranormal YA, The Emerald Talisman interviews herself in a guest post on my blog today! Such an honor to have her! Read on to find more about this wonderful author!

1. Quick! Describe The Emerald Talisman in seven words or less!

Fast-paced rollercoaster paranormal romance with a twist!

2. Okay, so how about a bit more. What's your novel The Emerald Talisman about?

After running out of gas in the evening, Julia decides to walk home through the woods and ends up running from a blood-thirsty stalker. She trips, falls, and plummets down a cliff face all to be rescued by the beguiling Nicholas, who may not be entirely mortal. But just as quickly as he appears in her life, he disappears – until Julia needs rescuing again. Once students begin to disappear, including a close friend, Julia realizes what’s causing the epidemic. But a chance encounter with a psychic informs her she alone is the key to stopping the madness, but it may require Nicholas’ life.

3. Who is your main character and what makes them unique?

Julia Parker, a sixteen-year-old high school Junior, has the unique ability to read other’s emotions. This gift presents a challenge since she’s constantly around her hormonally charged and insecure classmates, leaving her mentally exhausted. When she encounters her first vampire, the ability becomes a great asset to alert her of danger. It also helps her figure out who to trust and ultimately love.

4. What inspired this novel?

The lemons of my life inspired this novel. My oldest son, three at the time, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder while I was pregnant with his little brother. Next to cancer, this news was just about the worst thing ever. So, after Aaron was born, we embarked on a 35-hour-a-week therapy schedule and my home became a train station of tutors. I craved a meaningful escape.

I’m a hopeless romantic and as a tween I forever pretended to be in peril so some handsome guy would come to my rescue. (Patrick Swayze in North and South rescuing Madelyn comes to mind.) Louis in Interview with a Vampire developed my love for the anguishing vampire (Buffy and Angel too). I originally didn’t want to write a vampire story, but nothing seemed as exciting to write about.

5. Your protagonist has a very unique ability. Name one unusual talent you already have, and one superpower you'd like to have.

I’m not sure if I have an unusual talent, but The Emerald Talisman was my first attempt at writing a novel. My prior life was being an IT administrator for about 250 users and I’m currently a web-designer as well as a writer. As far as superpowers, I’d love the ability to pause time. Of course, I’d probably keep aging while the world stands still allowing me to sleep, finish chores or clients sites, and write. I just never get to sleep long enough and my youngest is still getting up at least once a night.

Thank you so much Brenda! It was a real pleasure having you here.