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Monday, July 19, 2010

Book REVIEW: The Alpha Bet by Stephanie Hale

I was prepared to do just about anything to go from geek to Greek.

Some teenagers use drugs or sex to escape overbearing parents. I used books. All m


SYNOPSIS: I was prepared to do just about anything to go from geek to Greek.

Some teenagers use drugs or sex to escape overbearing parents. I used books. All my life my mother has been hovering over me, afraid to let me experience ANYTHING. So I got really good grades, graduated from high school when I was sixteen, and escaped to a new life—my own life—at college.

To jump-start my social life, I decided to rush the Alphas, the most exclusive sorority on campus. And that's when things started to get complicated.
One of the Alphas invoked the Alpha Bet, a super-secret set of alphabetical tasks that have to be completed for a sister's bid to become active. Now, completing the tasks of the Alpha Bet has taken over my life. And one of the tasks involves deceiving my roommate and only real friend, Jentry.

Can you spell B-E-T-R-A-Y-A-L?

REVIEW: Grace Kelly or GK graduated from high school at sixteen and starts attending her college. She is very excited about it because she will now be able to break away from the clutches of her overprotective mother. It is here, in the college of her dreams, does she decide to turn geek to Greek and she is determined to do anything to become Greek, even to the extent of telling a huge lie. She rushes the Alphas, gets selected(after lying) but in order to become a sister she has to complete a number of tasks. Enter the bets.

I really loved the bets. I felt that the bets were the highlight of the book. They were so much fun and I had a blast reading them. They were so interesting and creative! But sadly the rest of the book was not-so-good. I did not like GK’s character at all. She kept on whining throughout the book. She put the blame for her own lack of personality on her mother(though she later realizes her mistake). She was so confused. I understand that she is a teenager and teens are generally confused but she was a little too much to bear. I like that everyone is sweet in the book but again they are too sweet. Her best friend, the Alphas,her boyfriend…they were all so sweet. I liked her relationship with her best friend-they were so loyal to each other-but their friendship sort of sprouted out of the blue moon! I was not satisfied with the ending of the book. Seemed a little silly and improbable to me. I really wanted the author to concentrate more on the bets. I wanted to read more of them. But the plot kept meandering. What could have been the most gorgeous summer read turned out to be a mediocre one.

But I will not totally trash the book. It was a pretty cute and fast read. Just that it could have done better.


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  1. Great review!
    I'm not sure about picking this book up..