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Sunday, February 20, 2011

To The Lost Time...

That was a happy time
It provided me with memories fun
The gaiety is now sublime
The time,tragically forever gone.

Grandparents to love and care
Uncles,aunts,cousins numerous
Motley anecdotes and tales they'd share
Which without fail left me rapturous!

A stifling,numbing loneliness creeps
When a sense of nostalgia overflows
Within and without I weep
The memories in a haze even stronger flows...

O how bittersweet memories tease
In hours awake and in sleep!
They pour in without cease
Time I travel,in one big leap!

As I go through the faded foliage
Of a part well lived and better loved
That life now elaborate collage
In a secure corner of my heart forever stored...

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