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Sunday, February 13, 2011

REVIEW: Delirium by Lauren Oliver

SYNOPSIS: Before scientists found the cure, people thought love was a good thing. They didn’t understand that once love -- the deliria -- blooms in your blood, there is no escaping its hold. Things are different now. Scientists are able to eradicate love, and the governments demands that all citizens receive the cure upon turning eighteen. Lena Holoway has always looked forward to the day when she’ll be cured. A life without love is a life without pain: safe, measured, predictable, and happy.

But with ninety-five days left until her treatment, Lena does the unthinkable: She falls in love.

-from Goodreads

MY REVIEW: Delirium reinforced my love in dystopian. I had been interested in the book since I had first grazed its synopsis. A world without love? An extremely interesting and intriguing idea. But it had me thinking…would there be no pains if there was no love or would life without life be life at all? Would it be worth living? Wouldn’t we become robots only going through the regular, daily events without any feelings or emotions? Isn’t it love which separates us from the non-living, animates our heart and gives us ‘wings’??

Lena Haloway only wants to be ‘cured’ from ‘the deadliest of all deadly things’-love…until she meets Alex. Lena was a very relatable character. I am somewhat like Lena myself and so I could fathom her fears, apprehensions and ‘always staying on the guard’ nature. But she meets Alex and the inevitable occurs-she falls madly in love with him! Now she could do anything to defy the authorities in the hope that it guarantees a ‘happily ever after’ with Alex.

Alex,on his part was the most charming hero. A lover,who puts Lena’s needs ahead of his own. He understood Lena and was forever patient with her and her changing feelings and emotions. He understood the world they lived in and so took caution and hid his feelings for her so as not to put Lena in trouble by disclosing what he felt for her! So chivalrous!

The book also had a few surprises in store which made it so much more than only a love story! I loved the ending though it left me in tears. The ending totally knocked me off and was absolutely heart wrenching! I had tears by the time I finished the book…it was so unexpected and so beautiful…

However I did feel that the length of the story could have been smaller and that Lauren Oliver has exhausted many pages trying to establish Lena’s cautious nature. But that can not deter me from loving this book and I think it is one of the most romantic teenage love story I have ever read! Cant wait to know what happens next! Ready to shed some more tears!



  1. I read this a few months ago. I loved it. It's very different from BEFORE I FALL, and I love diverse writers who can pull off different genres.

  2. I havent read Before I Fall as of yet... :(

  3. Great review! I have this on my To-read list, but haven't gotten round to getting yet!

  4. Try getting a copy for yourself fast Amna! You wouldn't want to miss it! :)