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Monday, April 5, 2010

Review:Airhead by Meg Cabot

Emerson Watts, 16 and female, loves playing video games, hanging out with her best friend, Christopher, and has made peace with her less-than-supermodel-esque looks. But when she's involved in a mysterious accident, she wakes up to find she's now in the body of...a supermodel. Who was behind this switch? What was the motive? And how can she get Christopher to realize she's still the same person inside?

Em is a regular teen with normal problems-she is being laughed at by her school elites and her sister for being a geek and all-things-science fan,she doesn't understand whether she has more than friendly affection for her best friend Christopher,her sister is a nagging fashionista whereas she hates fashion,etc to name a few. However her life totally and completely turns after a massive hanging television falls on her at the opening of a mega mall. She faints and wakes up a month later to find herself in the hospital in the body of the famous supermodel Nikki Howard! At first she suffers an identity crisis,with unknown people flocking her,claiming to be her friend,lover-but soon enough she realizes that her brain has been transformed into Nikki's body! When she charged the doctors,they threaten her into submission and force her into leading Nikki's life. She is in deep trouble and she herself can save herself from it! But how?!
I wanted to read Airhead because I loved Princess Diaries and I can happily say that I am not in the least disappointed. Well...Airhead may not be as fabulous as Princess Diaries but it certainly is a great page-turner. Meg Cabot has certainly done a lovely work with this cute book.I liked the book a lot and it left me wanting more...

My Rating:4/5

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