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Monday, April 12, 2010

My favorite Powerful Chicks!

Larissa,my most favorite blogger has come up with a wonderful idea for a giveaway! Check it out on her blog at
This is her Powerful Chicks week and to celebrate it she will give away two lovely books to the winner!! he tells me I have to post about Powerful Chicks!!
To post about powerful chicks,what is better than Charlie's Angels?!Kick-ass girls saving the world from terrible enemies...I love the movies!!
And in current times,I love The Hunger Games and Catching Fire,especially for the super-chick Katniss!! She is so sassy and way hot!! I loved the portrayal of her character!!
A Special Mention:Powerpuff Girls-Buttercup,Blossoms and Bubbles are the ultimate power chicks and are so cute too :)

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