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Monday, August 30, 2010

Cassie Clare Mega Giveaway!

A mega Cassie Clare books giveaway is going on at
Up for grabs are signed copies of-
City Of Bones
City Of Ashes
City Of Glass
Clockwork Angel!!

Tempting enough? Wait! There is more!
Among the prizes are also A Viviane Hebel's Infernal Devices Clockwork Angel wings Necklace! The very same Tessa will be wearing in Clockwork Angel!
Viviane Hebel's Mortal Instruments warlock Magnus Bane rainbow cuff!
Viviane Hebel's Mortal Instrument Bookmarks! These babies are made from metal and are engraved with real TMI ruins!

I so insanely and desperately want to win this giveaway!!
Check it out at

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