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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A tribute to my childhood hero ENID BLYTON on her birthday

I was six when my mother gave me three books-Five o' Clock Tales,Seven o' Clock Tales and Eight o' Clock Tales.I opened those books without knowing that my life would never be the same.That I will find friends who would stick with me forever.It was you,dear Enid Blyton who introduced me to the best of the best worlds-the world of made me believe that I would never feel lonely again and that your books will be my friends throughout my life.With the flow of time, my love for you multiplied,the process still being in operation. There was a time when I barely had time for my morning ablutions before I could ensue reading!
The students of St. Clare and Malory Towers were my friends,I lived with them in their dorms,lived their lives and adventures...dear Enid Blyton,you made my life so much fun during kidhood! In pedestrian words-I owe you big time!
OK...though its absolutely embarrassing but I will let you on a little secret...I had a kid crush on Noddy and his tingling bobbing head when I was around 7! Noddy remains,till this date one of the best cartoon creations! I don't think I have much words to comment on the oh-so-magical and oh-so-wonderful enchantments of the ineffable toyland and the joys it endorses!
The adventures of The Famous Five and The Secret Seven had me looking and longing for friends and I went searching for 'cases'! Your gorgeous description of food had me salivating! I always imagined having those English breakfasts on some beach or in some quaint castle with weeds and flowers running by the walls...
Ah those happy times,those unforgettable memories! Your books were my drugs when I was a kid and continues to be for every little child born till this day! They delight and enlighten a child's mind,sparkle with brilliance and resonates with love and friendship :)


  1. Great tribute.

    I haven't had a chance to read her books yet.